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When This Uber Driver Realized Who She Was Driving Things Went

When This Uber Driver Realized Who She Was Driving Things Went


When This Uber Driver Realized Who She Was Driving, Things Went South FAST | 22 Words

Being an Uber driver can't be easy. You have to deal with people. Enough said? Drunks and talkative people alike might be a challenge, but not…

Woman: After I rebuffed my Uber driver's advances, he tried to rape me. “

'I'm really struggling': Facing pay cuts, some ride-hailing drivers prepare to strike

Being an Uber driver taught this woman a key lesson that helped her pay off her debt

Gig economy workers, like Uber and Lyft drivers, often don't realize how much it costs them

Lyft says its drivers can make $35 an hour. I spent a week driving to see if that's true.

What Uber Drivers Say About Uber

Should you drive or deliver for Uber in Australia? Things to know before you become

How criminals use Uber and Airbnb to launder money stolen from your credit card


Being an Uber driver can't be easy. You have to deal with people. Enough said?Drunks and talkative people alike might be a challenge, bu…

What would you rate this driver?

3 Million Uber Drivers Are About to Get a New Boss

Kim Hall, a former Uber driver, in Prince George's County, says ultimately the money she made was not worth the kind of hours she had to put in.

Uber realized it had to pay drivers competitively.

'They treat us like crap': Uber drivers feel poor and powerless on eve of IPO | Technology | The Guardian

The Daily Beast

10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Driving for Uber & Lyft

In the 21st century, we are privileged to have so many options to create a career from, especially something that exist in digital formats, like blogs. It ...

Awkward Black Girl on Twitter: "ABGNation, what's the weirdest or wildest thing you've ever experienced while driving for or using a rideshare service?

For parents who want to better protect their progeny, a new crop of services offer rigorously vetted drivers who can babysit as well as drive. But it's not ...

Is It Worth Driving For Uber? My Taxi Driver Confessions

When Uber drivers don't own cars: Developing world tests 'sharing economy'

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Volvo has rolled back its timeline for the Drive Me self-driving car program in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Chariot for Women is a new woman-only rideshare service launched by a former Uber driver who had a bad run-in with a hulking drunk dude that made him ...

Uber drivers sit in their cars waiting for passengers.


Uber drivers often make below minimum wage, report finds

Current Uber Promotions [Updated 2019]. Female Uber driver

Ola and Uber drivers go on strike in Bangalore, India - 02 Mar 2017

Someone seems to get it.

Uber sign on a car window

People Told Us the Worst Things They Did in a Cab

More than 2,000 passengers complained that Hong Kong taxi drivers refused to take them where they

car crash hanging

Canada focus: how Uber v Quebec tax tussle was resolved

Drivers don't trust Uber. This is how it's trying to win them back.

More than 2,000 passengers complained that Hong Kong taxi drivers refused to take them where they

Traumatic: A college student from upstate New York shared her experience of being abandoned by

From all of our multiple trips with Uber drivers from different cities, we met some awesome drivers along the way. One thing we realized what we have in ...

Googles Lexus RX 450H Self Driving Car is seen parked on Pennsylvania Ave. on April

Juno's business model centers on getting drivers to defect from rival services.

how much money does an uber driver make

At this point in my rideshare driving career, I have come to value so many aspects of the experience. I realized it is short sighted to see driving as only ...

Uber's Plan to Lose Money on Each Transaction and Make It Up in Volume, Annotated

MIT study shows driving for Uber or Lyft is worse than literally any real job

Adrees Latif /Reuters. I remember when ...


Karthik on Twitter: "Love the Uber print 2-pager ad today in TOI. Don't feel it talks strongly to passengers, but it does so, very strongly to drivers.

Uber vs Lyft: A Comprehensive Comparison

Old man driving

A Driver for Uber and Lyft Covertly Streamed Hundreds of Rides on Twitch Without Rider Consent [Updated]

Uber reaches $100m settlement in fight with drivers, who will stay contractors

How to Be a Five-Star Uber or Lyft Passenger


UberX driver, Michael Belet, checks the Uber customer app to see where other Uber

'GoGoGrandparent' Is Overcharging Seniors for Uber Rides, and Drivers Are Pissed

Uber drivers, freelancers and other independent contractors are getting a tax cut

A few tech companies have sailed to enormous wealth on the promise of industry-changing technology paying off. But many more have failed.

Garry drives an Uber

Uber's public Q&A with drivers was a disaster

Consumer Alert – Uber Drivers and Passengers

Here's How Much You Should Really Tip An Uber Or Lyft Driver

A View from the Top: ViaVan London chief Jess Oppetit on driving the Uber rival's success


How Uber Drivers Rate You and How You Can Reach 5 Stars It's been five years ...

Cambridge taxi drivers strike to protest Uber, Lyft

Driver and organizer Nicole Moore speaks during a one-day strike against Uber and Lyft in front of an Uber office near Los Angeles on Monday, March 25, ...

Uber Freight, which helps truck drivers connect with shipping companies, has made two high-profile hires this month as it continues to scale up its app and ...

I only drove for a few hours, but it didn't take long for me to realize I just needed to set a destination filter for San Diego and head home.

12 Experts on the Uber IPO and the Ridesharing Company's Future

Now You Can Use Uber Without a Smartphone

Rooftop video ads bring extra cash for Uber, Lyft drivers

For the first time last month, I requested a car using a smartphone. The app correctly guessed my location using GPS, gave me a ballpark arrival time with a ...

App-based taxi firm Ola is the bigger player in the Indian market but Uber

Uber's rental and lease programs with New York car dealers push drivers toward shady subprime contracts — Quartz

He Sold His Business for $2 Billion. Now He's an Uber Driver. Huh?

... but we realized it was time for an upgrade. https://medium.com/uber-design/upgrading-ubers-3d-fleet-4662c3e1081 …pic.twitter.com/ZTrkGnF9ak

1of3Sign seen outside Uber's HQ at 1455 Market on Monday, Oct. 15, 2018 in San Francisco, Calif.Photo: Liz Hafalia / The Chronicle 2018

10 Lessons From Uber's Fatal Self-Driving Car Crash

5 Reasons to Not Use Uber in Buenos Aires

A man leaves the headquarters of Uber in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

Best Smartphones for Uber Drivers

Uber, Lyft drivers go on strike to protest declining wages

Mega-startup's greatest threat: the disappearance of car-owning drivers caused by the rise of autonomous vehicles

Woman Recounts Harrowing Lyft Ride Where Driver Made 45-Minute Detour | HuffPost

Uber's underpayment of drivers keeping it afloat, report finds