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TumblingTuesday is back with a super special COACHES ONLY episode

TumblingTuesday is back with a super special COACHES ONLY episode


#TumblingTuesday is back with a super special COACHES ONLY episode! Were so proud to

#meetTheStaffMonday returns with Coach Aurora! She's quickly become an amazing coach after years of

We're shining the spotlight on Coach Sara today for #MeetTheStaffMonday! She's a

@umdgc We already gave today's #MeetTheStaffMonday a shout-out last week, but after coaching her team to 8th place out of 35 teams at Level 5 States, ...

@umdgc Today's #MeetTheStaffMonday is Coach Andrew! With such a versatile skill set, he's definitely an important part of our #UMDGCFamily.

@umdgc Want a chance to learn from professional dancers for one of Philly's great sports teams? We're offering a special workshop to do just that!

Check out this #TumblingTuesday video . . . . . . . . . #umdgc #gymnastics #dance #cheer #tumbling #wellgetyouthere #UMDGCFamily #hardworkworks #roundoff ...

@umdgc When you're part of a team. You have each other's backs. You're there for your teammates, because you know they're there for you.

LETS GET READY TO TUUUUMMMBBLLEE!!!! #TumblingTuesday returns with these amazing

#MeetTheStaffMonday has a good one for you today! Coach Michele is a highly respected

@umdgc Level 5 States Session 1 is done! These girls are off to optionals!!! 💗🤸🏻 ♂️

It's #MeetTheStaffMonday again, and we're here with twice the shoutouts! Coaches

Tonight Don't miss out on gaining an extra skill or perfecting the one you

Our Summer Dance schedule is out, which means it's finally time for you to cash

@umdgc We can't believe we're already here. 15 years of memories. 15 years of shows. 15 years of dancing. Come celebrate our 15th annual dance recital with ...

We may be on Spring Break this week, but that doesn't mean we

Thank you to all who danced and donated to Hip Hop For A Cause. Over

mr daigle is so quirky🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #carbontaxme

Today's #MeetTheStaffMonday is Mr. Brett! Brett “taps” into his talent each

Pickin strawberries with my strawberry 🍓

I'm so passionate about educating others about prioritizing their health. What hurts is when u try so hard to help ppl that don't want to help themselves.

A few screenshots from back in November 😂😂 @nickireland99 @rickyireland88 @davidclark00 #

@umdgc #TumblingTuesday is back with a vengeance! Our tumblers didn't like that their coaches stole the spotlight last week and really showed up for tonight ...

#thisgirlisonfire #thisbeautyisabeast #standuptobullying #rebelagainstbullying #believeinyourself #littlebutfierce #tumblingislife # tumblingtuesday ...

Coach Oleg is one of our great tumbling coaches and the head of Parkour program.

Stay focused and motivated. How this related to IT: The best solutions are not always about getting the newest gear. It's about working smarter.

Emma and Ava are excited for their first gymnastics class today!! 🤸 ♀

Media by umdgc

I have been the results of some really bad choices in my life but I have done great things to rectify many of those wrongs so as much as I am responsible ...

Our gymnasts and tumblers will benefit greatly, and the coaches will be happy not to have to fluff as ...

Your greatest wealth is your health. All these ppl running around neglecting themselves for a couple dollars. Welp quick facts ya cant take that money with ...

It's #MeetTheStaffMonday and this week we're taking a look at Coach Bri!

I made the mistake of not becoming mindful of seeking to continue my education, I did great with the information I acquired from books that helped me a ...

Nadie te va a entender. Todo el mundo te va a preguntar que haces que

Media by umdgc: We're feeling spoiled by the weather this week. How

Today's #MeetTheStaffMonday goes to Our Tumbling Director Evan! Many of you already know how

It's all about your discipline now! Some of you guys already quit on yourself but it's a lot of ppl that are going strong. Can't wait to see the results!

Today's #MeetTheStaffMonday is Coach Andrew! We are so grateful for his positive attitude and

Old school cars and stickers .

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@umdgc No matter what you celebrate UMDGC wishes everyone a very happy, and peaceful holiday! #umdgcfamily

#TumblingTuesday! Try some full body and brain workout with supervised #forwardrolls! Great

Don't think something is too big to accomplish just realize there might be another way to get it done #livethedream #de... | Life in 2019 | Artwork, ...

Media by umdgc: It's double the trouble this week for #MeetTheStaffMonday as we recogn

You know what day it is! It's #MeetTheStaffMonday and today we're spotlighting

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@umdgc UPDATE: Due to a power line going down on Flint Hill Road, the area having restricted traffic, only having temporary electric, and with the threat of ...

The results will ONLY follow the actions...pointing fingers wont get you success, I've learnt so much from my mentors and from personal study on success, ...

"Eu quero que você veja o seu próprio poder. Eu quero que você veja

#tumblingtuesday Love Tuesday tumbling class when I get to hang out with one of my

#thesunwillcomeouttomorrow #tumbletuesday #stretchysunday #isparkle #dancelikenobodyiswatching #yougottatry #smile


Via @mihaivigariu - There is a mystic feeling to swim at 22 in the night, although I love early morning swim sessions. 🌃🏊🙏 No matter the hour, ...

Happy #internationalwomensday from all of us here at UMDGC. We're so proud

Sigueme @inesttables . . . . . . . . . . #frases#

🗣🎶I'm goin goin back back to Disney Disney!

#nhpméxico #salud #bienestar #buenasalud #cuidatucuerpo #martes #frases

Media by umdgc: More recital costumes to show off- Looking sharp! #umdgc


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When someone in the gym compliments you on your physique, strength, work rate and determination. There is no better feeling. . Whilst I have never done this ...

[email protected] Seguime y activá la campanita de notificaciones. @mandalerock_ _ _ _

Llámale a Maury güey 😂🤣 Call Maury homie Reposted from @callmechoko - Throw The

Yep you guessed it #tumblingtuesday gymnastics class! Shirt by me!

Coach Melissa ( @umdgclevel5 )



@alwais_love_mel . . . . . #indirectaswapp #fondosdepantalla

Is there such a thing as #tumblingtuesday? 'Cos that's all we ever do

Throw The Whole Episode Away 😂💀 - - Video by @callmechoko #TioChoko w


United Airlines' brand gets a bloody nose - but crisis experts think damage will be fleeting | South China Morning Post


Tumbling Tuesday! #Dance #Gymnastics #TumblingTuesday #PerformingArts #FrontAerial #Flip #

i have a strong feeling shin splints are gonna be a strong point on this page

Congratulations Aaliyah on your new skill!!! So incredibly proud of all your hardwork

Susanne and Laylah back to back competing at Keystone Saturday!!! #umdgc

#tumblingtuesday 🎀 Kendall💕

Welcome back! We hope y'all had a wonderful summer! Here's a few

Old school cars and stickers . . . . . . . . . . . . . #exklusive_shot #trb_autozone #carsofinstagram #automotivegramm ... | Life en 2019 | Old school cars, ...

CALLING ALL BEGINNERS! Give your gymnast an extra “boost” with an extra class

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Look who got their back handspring! Go Carlie💓 #centerstagestudio #tumbling #tumblingvideos


Coach Ansley has always loved gymnastics. She coaches our recreational gymnasts on Thursdays and also



There's still time to sign up for the Skills Clinic! Stop by the office or

United Airlines' brand gets a bloody nose - but crisis experts think damage will be fleeting | South China Morning Post

Air track unboxing - - - - Love my @ibigbean_airtracks Air track ❤ ❤


Not long to wait until I'm back at the @stonefarmersmarket alongside @nova_and_me on Saturday 4th May! Can't wait to rev... | Life en 2019 | 4 may, Im back ...


"You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them." #notetoself #coremoves #strongcorestrongbody #corestrong #hardworkingman ...

AND THATS A WRAP FOR SEA TO SKY! And we're taking home first

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