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Tomi Lahren Says Liberal Indoctrination Starts In Elementary

Tomi Lahren Says Liberal Indoctrination Starts In Elementary


Tomi Lahren Says 'Liberal Indoctrination' Starts In Elementary School | HuffPost

Lahren: 'Liberal indoctrination' starts in elementary school

Tomi Lahren Says 'Liberal Indoctrination' Starts In Elementary School | HuffPost

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Fox's Tomi Lahren: "The liberal indoctrination ... starts in elementary school, middle school, high school"

Tomi Lahren said Wednesday on Fox News that schools are pushing progressive values earlier than ever ― and that's why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.

Tomi Lahren

PASADENA, CA - JULY 30: Tomi Lahren at Politicon at Pasadena Convention Center on

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Tomi Lahren

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Read more. Sat, 05 Jan 2019 05:20:10 -0500. Tomi Lahren Says 'Liberal Indoctrination' Starts In Elementary School


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OMG I found SOCIALISM at the italian restaurant! This is a true sign of liberals indoctrinating our kids!

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Tomi Lahren

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Nationalism Patriotism


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Check out the editorial staff of Huffington Post:

And in the recent press conference by Colin discussing his not standing up for the National Anthem, he was wearing this “pro-Cuba/pro-Castro” shirt on: ...