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The dilapidated buildings in this abandoned settlement have an eerie

The dilapidated buildings in this abandoned settlement have an eerie


The story of how Elkmont went from small logging town to world-famous resort to ghost town in the Smokies. #smokies #ghosttown #resort #nationalpark

There's an abandoned resort ghost town in the Smokies—here's how to find it | Roadtrippers

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There's an abandoned resort ghost town in the Smokies—here's how to find it |

The dilapidated buildings in this abandoned settlement have an eerie, summer camp vibe to them

From abandoned hospitals to creepy old forts: Incredible photographs capture forgotten New York in mesmerizing style

Empty: The bed is still covered by a neatly folded duvet in this abandoned farmhouse

An abandoned house in western Pennsylvania, where a a leather arm chair with a stuffed rabbit

Varosha in Cyprus used to be a popular getaway for glamorous stars like Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor in its 1960s heyday.

Photographer Niki Feijen's eerie images of the abandoned farm houses | Daily Mail Online

Haunting, eerie and utterly mesmerising: 48 pictures of Wales' abandoned buildings

Remnants of family life: A table and chairs discovered inside what was once the dining room of this now dilapidated farmhouse in western Europe

'Manicomio': 'Built in the late 1800s, this mental hospital served a. '

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11 creepy abandoned places in Edinburgh. The old Abbeyhill Station, Edinburgh, one of many disused stations in the city.

2. Barrow Gurney Mental Asylum, Somerset

An abandoned building. Photographer Seph Lawless has documented the modern ruins and decaying, abandoned

Eerie images show what's left of a dilapidated entertainment center. by Abandoned Places ...

An abandoned building with a creepy staircase of doom.

The abandoned Majestic Theatre in New York, where the once ornate decoration inside has been

15 eerie abandoned cities around the world that are real-life ghost towns

Beelitz Military Hospital, Berlin

Top 10 Creepiest Abandoned Places Around the World

There's an abandoned resort ghost town in the Smokies—here's how to find it | Roadtrippers

From dilapidated homes to deserted airports, see the strikingly eerie photos of abandoned places around the world

31 Haunting Images of Abandoned Places That Will Give You Goose Bumps | Bored Panda

Abandoned, South, Fremantle, North, Cooge, Power, House, Station,

The Pontiac Silverdome, Michigan

1. Mitsubishi's Gunkanjima Island

Derelict dumps or treasure troves of opportunity?

The castle has links to the British Royal family

The Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton, UK

The abandoned French beach resort where the buildings have become a canvas for graffiti artists

These Photographers Venture Into Derelict Buildings in Texas So That We Don't Have To

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12 incredible abandoned places in Philly

I.M Cooling Tower

Interior of spooky abandoned dilapidated house with torn wallpaper and smashed household objects

Ordos Kangbashi, China, is the world's largest ghost town

10 Creepy Abandoned Places We're Tempted to Explore

Rotting homes and abandoned churches: Eerie French ghost town Goussainville-Vieux Pays remains in ruins 40 years after tragedy struck

abandoned building

New Slains Castle

Prypiat in the Ukraine, the Chernobyl worker's town evacuated after the disaster

Empty for a decade since Hurricane Katrina...then the lights came on in abandoned hospital. THE huge eerie hospital building has ...

Old Diplomat Hotel. This eerie abandoned building with a ...

1. Barnes hospital, Cheadle. This creepy hospital in Greater Manchester has been abandoned ...

15 Eerie Abandoned Buildings Across Texas

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urbexing - Abandoned theme park Hồ Thuỷ Tiên in Hué, Vietnam (c) Teejay

The main corridor of the school is barely distinguishable anymore as natural deterioration takes over. (Reprinted from Abandoned North Texas by Shane and ...

St John's Orphanage was run by The Sisters of Mercy from 1912 – 1978. Photo

Ghost towns of the desert

Dilapidated abandoned school in North Carolina - Door number 3

Lost Places, Abandoned Place, Space, Old

Tower of beauty: This unique house is surrounded by other properties, Michigan (Image: Seph Lawless). Get the ...

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Exploring Hashima Island in 2012 (photograph by Jordy Meow/Wikimedia)

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7 Creepy Abandoned Cities

The Orpheum Theater — New Bedford, Massachusetts


Romanelli Alessandro ...

Bangkok ghost tower 20

This old wooden building once looked charming, but now appears damp and covered in mildew

The roof of this detached house in Detroit sags after years of neglect which has seen

16 Strange and surreal abandoned places

Bootle photographer Mark Whitehead has taken a series of eerie photographs inside Liverpool's docklands

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... to steal my camera gear…luckily in all the abandoned buildings I've photographed (which is many!) I've only ever had to use my tripod to take photos.

11 creepy and haunted spots in New Orleans

Creepy abandoned places from around the world including cities, theme parks and asylums - Mirror Online

Abandoned since 2006, the eerie shots show the dilapidated machines that would have ...

Rebecca Litchfield

39 Stunningly Eerie Abandoned Places Around the World

City's dilapidated buildings nightmare

Of all the many places around the world that have been abandoned by their inhabitants and left to slump into obscurity and ruin, islands seem among the most ...

The Eerie Town of Kuldhara, Rajasthan

An abandoned house at Castle-an-Dinas near Penzance (Image: Greg Martin)

abandoned french towns villages goussainville

We don't need no filthy filters.


JAPAN: EERIE images have revealed the crumbling remains of the uninhabited Japanese mining island that was featured in the James Bond hit film Skyfall.

Abandoned places in Hong Kong

America's most intriguing deserted places

SPOOKY images of what could be the most spectacular abandoned buildings in Europe have been released