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The Importance of Ras al Ghul and Whys Hes Batmans Greatest

The Importance of Ras al Ghul and Whys Hes Batmans Greatest


Importance of Ra's al Ghul

Ra's al Ghul. Living for as many years as he has, Ra's has grown tired of the destruction caused by humans. He lived through the Industrial Age… the age ...

Ra's al Ghul and Deathstroke

While longtime Batman writer Denny O'Neil is usually credited with creating both the League of Assassins and its leader, Ra's al Ghul, he had some help.

Ra's al Ghul and the Lazarus Pit

Ra's al Ghul Comic Cover

Ra's al Ghul


Ra's al Ghul has lived for hundreds of years and witnessed the rise and fall of empires. Some civilizations have even crumbled at his feet.

Batman #244 - Page 14

'Gotham' Casts Ra's al Ghul: How Will Fox's Supervillain Compare With 'Arrow's'?

Photo: Poster of 'Batman vs. Ra's al Ghul' (Image courtesy:

Ra's al Ghul


Ra's al Ghul

Dick Grayson Batman, Ras Al Ghul, Tim Drake Red Robin, Read Red,

Prelude to the Wedding — Robin Vs. Ra's al Ghul #1 review

Ra's Al Ghul's first appearance in Batman 232

[4]Ra's Al Ghul must routinely use the ...

In fact, Batman's in a meeting right now claiming Ra's al Ghul is right! Find out why digital-first INJUSTICE 2 #51, available now: http://bit.ly/2DYaQyH ...

Arrow: Ra's al Ghul and the Shadow of Batman

One of Batman's Greatest Villains. Ra's al Ghul ...

Alexander Siddig Ra's al Ghul

The cover of Batman #252, the first appearance of Ra's al Ghul depics Batman

Christian Bale's infamous Dark Knight voice was the only option

Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul

DC writers and artists reveal their favorite Batman comic book stories

…who claims to be the son of Batman and Catwoman, of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, who took the nom de guerre of Bat-Cart, the Winged Lion!

Media#Ra's Al Ghul in Injustice 3 confirmed??

Batman vs Ra's al Ghul

Talia al Ghul in Robin:Son of Batman #5 Cover by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray

Batman Vs. Ra's Al Ghul #1, courtesy of DC Comics

The Batman comics that inspired The Dark Knight's hyper-realism

Illustration for article titled Arkham Knight's Best DLC Moment Gives Batman an Impossible Choice. I saved the Ra's Al Ghul ...

Homage to the Old-School: Ra's al Ghul, the JLA, and the Black Casebook ( Batman Canon IV)

Biggest Comic News and Reviews Roundup: Batman's War With Bane Grows Darker

The Best (And Most Important) Batman Comics Of All-Time

Why Batman is different from other heroes, What makes him more than a hero & what he actually means?What can we learn?

Sometimes, I admit, I think of Bruce as a man in a costume.

In fact, Batman's in a meeting right now claiming Ra's al Ghul is right! Find out why digital-first INJUSTICE 2 #51, available now: http://bit.ly/2DYaQyH ...

Batman Begins (2005)

Batgirl Cassandra Cain Facts

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Road Home: Ra's Al Ghul

by Amir Mohsin Ras Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, Dc Characters, Bat Family

Jason Todd

Catwoman is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Batman's Long List of Lovers

Help Name a Planetary System


The Joker- Batman's Rogues Gallery

Who is Ra's Al Ghul? A History of Batman's Most Calculating Foe in TV and Film

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Bruce Wayne's Son Joined 'Rebirth' to Kill His Own Grandpa

“WHY?!” Well, it turns out Ra's is considering to retire and he's looking for a worthy successor, that candidate being the Batman. So you know, his ...

Tim confronts Damian again on why is he has come back.

DC's 'Young Justice, Outsiders': Nightwing is the best among all Robins,

'Batman/TMNT II' Preview: Mr. Freeze Puts Donatello on Ice | Inverse

Ra's al Ghul. Ra's al Ghul

DANZ COMIX and Collektibles

The Dynamic Duo starts fighting. It was such a great scene, felt like I was watching a cartoon. Bronze Age really revolutionized the industry in writing and ...

Jor-El & Ra's Al Ghul Quotes on Superman & Batman

Bruce scans the messages and picks up bits of a herb used in in far Eastern cult of killers (geez). They're called the Brotherhood of the Demon located in ...

Just like the Joker, Tony S Daniel is wrestling with Batman. As we're interviewing him, issue 45 of the latest series is in its death throes, and it simply ...

Up to this point I've loved Grant Morrison's take on Batman in his Batman R.I.P. Series . While I enjoyed Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul ...


The artwork is handled by a team of illustrators that I've been admiring for years now, but whose work I don't get to see often enough.

Best Batman Quotes That Prove He's A Force To Be Reckoned With

Why Batman stopped killing people in 1940

The 'Gotham Theory' of the Republican Party

I ...

Ra's al Ghul: Ra's al Ghul Batman Bad Guys, Green Arrow Comics, Ras

Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 6 of Young Justice: Outsiders, called "Rescue Op." One of the biggest ...

... Original Comic Art:Panel Pages, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano Batman #232 Story ...

…and beats up Bat-Cat to claim the mantle of Batman!

Who Plays Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins? | Brian M. Reiser. );

Gotham: 3 Things They Kept The Same About Ra's Al Ghul (and 6 They Changed)

Isaacs Talks Voicing Ra's Al Ghul In Batman: Under The Red Hood

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Header Batman

Here are seven detective-focused Batman comics that could inspire Matt Reeves' The Batman.

Ra's as a young mercenary. In his youthful days, Ra's al Ghul ...

10 Reasons Why Heath Ledger's Joker Is The Best Batman Villain (10 Why Tom Hardy's Bane Outshines Him)

Ben Affleck — the older, wiser Caped Crusader in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” — could be an across-the-board boon for DC. (courtesy of Warner Bros.

One hundred authors and artists for Ra's al Ghul's hundredth resurrection, bad artworks, embarassing dialogues and a trio of gravity defying cleavage ...