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How do people endure city life Follow us

How do people endure city life Follow us


Designing the compassionate city to overcome built-in biases and help us live better

Designing the compassionate city to overcome built-in biases and help us live better

The Great Crime Decline and the Comeback of Cities

Inner-City Violence in the Age of Mass Incarceration

10 Hacks That Totally Simplify Living in NYC

hot city

The climate determines almost everything about how we design, build, and live in our cities. The streets and sidewalks, businesses and homes, parking lots ...

Philadelphia's Poor

American Exodus

5 Reasons to Live in New York City's Upper West Side

Most Native Americans live in cities, not reservations. Here are their stories

Masdar City in Abu Dhabi. Photo: ?

How To Build Hurricane-Proof Cities

A timeline shows important events of the era. In 1876, professional baseball begins with

Biases that push us to choose one behaviour over another are built into our surroundings. Designing the Compassionate City, Author provided

Humans could survive underground, but it would take a lot more than shovels

Why I won't buy a house in any major city – and neither should you

business magazine

Urban sustainability in an age of enduring inequalities: Advancing theory and ecometrics for the 21st-century city | PNAS

Why Racial Disparities in Asthma Are an Urban Planning Issue

clover lizard. City life changes ...

Hong Kong is greener than most cities, and almost all districts are members of the

Downtown Nashville Is Supposed to Be the Model of the Walkable 21st-Century City. I'm Not So Sure.

Young boys and girls walking by the wall of El Malecon in the Cuban capital,

A hipster economy and celebrities misbehaving in public are also essential for the ideal city.

A model city? Khaled Elfiqi/EPA

Poverty is moving to the suburbs. The war on poverty hasn't followed.

If a nuclear weapon is about to explode, here's what a safety expert says you can do to survive

The Power to Risk in the Cause of Christ

Google reaped millions in tax breaks as it secretly expanded its real estate footprint across the U.S.

Temperatures on Earth will soar and seas evaporate leaving the planet lifeless

Two panels show the growth of urban populations in the United States. Panel (a

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 05: Brooklyn residents receive free food as part of

A decommissioned Greyhound bus

AARP recommends ten cities where older singles can retire- trendy bars in Philadelphia

BU Initiative on Cities collaborates on survey of urban leaders' perceptions

A typically united Cleveland City Council divided Monday night over a non-binding resolution calling

Trader Joe's

SG 50 - lead image

CityLife Church

The Best and Worst Cities in America to Survive the Apocalypse

US troops in Brownsville

Where Can You Escape the Harshest Effects of Climate Change? - The New York Times

AnniversariesFrom a Year in the Life of Gesine Cresspahl Two-volume boxed set

Kowloon Walled City was 119 times as dense as New York City. Greg Girard

How America became addicted to air conditioning

While we live in a globalised world, the concentration of activity in cities continues to

Life changing people you meet while travelling

Perceptive historians recognize that great powers go through a cycle of growth, stability, maturity and decline. Where is America in this cycle? Will we ...

CityLife Church


Life Inside the Hotels for New York's Homeless

... people shiver in the cold or endure illness and addiction alone on the streets. Nor should The City that Knows How remain unable to improve, ...

Families in filth, photo deliberately blurred to protect identity

Pioneering Social Reformer Jacob Riis Revealed "How The Other Half Lives" in America | History | Smithsonian

People may endure miserable commutes out of an inability to weigh their general well-being against quantifiable material gains.

Meet the Former Angelenos Living in a Rent-Free, Ramshackle Desert "Town"

She loves solitude, and can. `

The bigger and denser the city you live in, the more unhappy you're likely to be.


How a Netflix documentary got inside New York City's intensely insular Hasidic community

75 quotes about adventure and travel to inspire your wanderlust (like they did for us!)

A step-by-step guide to how we left the city life and moved

Olympic Park was hopping with Olympic fans on the first day of competition. Here,

The streets are safe, and there is easy access to public transport. A ride

Why are so many people getting rare cancers in this small Georgia town?

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How To Horror-Proof Your City Life

Our urban sustainability work is focused on China, a rapidly urbanizing country which will have an urban population of one billion by 2030.

This Is Why Nevada Is the Best Place for You to Start a Business | Inc.com


Young women shouldn't have to silently endure street harassment

11 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Passion In Life

In the unique climate of the Persian Gulf, humidity and heat can combine to deadly

These two controversies, and the notion that people should have some power over the space in which they interact, alarmed many artists.

Going to Space? First Stop: Eight Months of Grueling Training in Russia's Star City | WIRED

Coober Pedy Australia underground dugout living

Cambodian sex workers wait for customers at a public park in Phnom Penh.

The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez: A Border Story: Aaron Bobrow-Strain: 9780374191979: Amazon.com: Books

Report highlights immigrant contributions in U.S. by city, state and Congressional district