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Edward Heath child abuse investigation 'not a witch-hunt

Image result for "keith harding" + "freemason" ...

Who is Lord Rothermere?

for anyone who doesn't know who Rachel (Richard) Hoskins is

Sainsbury's 7


Did Op Midland ask Haroon Kasir who these three MPs were?

for anyone who doesn't know who Rachel (Richard) Hoskins is

No news reports – just a court listing:

Channel 4 Doorstepping Haroon Kasir of Elm Guest House


Leon Brittan among senior Westminster figures named in new child abuse files


for anyone who doesn't know who Rachel (Richard) Hoskins is

Paedophile Keith Harding at his GCHQ Freemason lodge

Image result for gloria HUNNIFORD AND SAVILE

Was owner of paedophile palace who kept list of secret VIP visitors murdered?


P J @Pamper48

Rotheremere and Hitler

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3172775/I-won-t -child-abuse-MP-Fury-Mrs-T-s-Cabinet-chief-defends-failure-act-senior-Tory.html#ixzz4c0n0ZIXB


Ex-Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong was warned by the security services in 1986 that an


Sir Edward Heath seen with his car in Weymouth, despite claims he never drove

@theakashp · Akash Pawar 🏖🌠

The Krays: The original black and white photograph of Ron Kray and Lord Boothby also photographed are Charlie Clark, Goodfellow (Boothby's butler), ...

Hoskins couldn't grab enough coverage when he changed from Richard to Rachel but avoided publicity when he reverted to being Richard. Why?

Ron and Reggie Kray with Terry Spinks and Sonny Liston

Alexander, who worked for Humberside Police, was jailed for ten years, aged 61

@sanjaygoswami1145 · sarif aadmi

Jimmy Savile and zombie factoids of West Yorkshire

@h_u_x_a_i_n · KhOKhAr.......🔵

Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

Image result for "queen" + "leonard ...


@anujpanditsharma · Sharma Jee Ka Beta 🐯

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Jonathan King with Jimmy Savile and King's brother Andy and two patients at Stoke Mandeville spinal hospital in January 1986.


Sarah Wright is pictured aged nine - two years after the abuse first began

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What Harmsworth's Daily Mail said about BBC paedo Savile on his death….http://www.intmensorg.info/harmsworth.htm

@akash_singh_04 · akash Rajput

Who needs enemies when you have a friend like Rachel?

for anyone who doesn't know who Rachel (Richard) Hoskins is

Yes, owner of child sex brothel ferrying kids around!

Why did Peter Righton hide out in Thornham Magna @ Islington Suffolk Project?

Boy George and Matthew Kelly

Sir George Terry

Fenwick said it had been clear Johnson knew the force was investigating an allegation of child sexual abuse against Richard, because he described the singer ...

@the_omya_ · ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Omkar Navgire♤

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This 'man called Peter McKelvie' was hugely successful in bringing paedos to book. No wonder DM never liked him!:

Have you ever wondered why these people did their utmost to mute Peter McKelvie?


@2_randee · 👳चौधरी👳🌾

On the cusp of a breakthrough with Paul Settle openly saying he believed Leon Brittan was a paedophile. And then the trail went cold.

@wfuu · 𓆪 لواء『92』 ⠉̮⃝✌ 𓆩

Coningsby Club. '

@wrestlingandchill_ · 🇦🇺

Jocelyn Cadbury, PPS to Lamont who recently chastised police for spending time on CSA and was close Brittan friend.

Haroon & Carole Kasir and William Everett List of Charges

Colin Peters & Barry Haddon

1994: Napier, according to his brother, Whittingdale, is “…someone I do not wish to talk about.”

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