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Earthquake epicenters for magnitude 80 and greater events since

Earthquake epicenters for magnitude 80 and greater events since


New Madrid earthquakes of 1811–12

Meanwhile, one hypothetical magnitude 7.8 earthquake on the San Andreas fault could send "extreme

Enlarge map.

The epicenter of a magnitude 7.9 earthquake off the coast of Alaska on January 23, 2018 US Geological Survey

The time history of great earthquakes is shown in the left panel, whereas the right

... earthquakes (an earthquake magnitude M 7 or greater every 7 years for the past 36 years), it is reasonable to link these earthquakes using our knowledge ...

2018 Anchorage earthquake. From Wikipedia ...

Figure 1 Epicenter locations and magnitudes of earthquakes of M w [ 6.0.

Ecuador Endures Massive Quake

The Earthquake Score for this location is very high, a result of a high seismic

North Central and Central Chile seismicity. Dots are epicenters of events larger than M 4.5

Figure 2: Map of settlements with the estimated mean damage due to the Wenchuan earthquake modeled as a line rupture extending as far as the aftershocks.

2018 Papua New Guinea earthquake

USGS 'Did You Feel It?' responses reveal the extraordinary extent of shaking felt

Landslide ground shaking can change the Factor of Safety in several ways that might increase the driving force or decrease the resisting force.

The 26 May 2019 M=8.0 event was slightly larger and about 440 kilometers to

Earthquake scenarios of simple rectangular fault models with moment magnitude from M w 8.0 to 9.0

A map showing the epicenter of the earthquake. (Source EMSC)

Map depicting the intensity of shaking experienced during the Tangshan earthquake of July 28, 1976

After the magnitude 7.1 Central Mexico Earthquake struck in September 2017, Dion Marriott of Holmes Structures joined the SEAOSC Safer Cities Reconnaissance ...

LIMA: A strong 8.0-earthquake struck northern Peru in the early hours of Sunday, sending residents fleeing their homes and cutting off power to at least one ...

Valdivia earthquake[edit]

Earthquakes on the Mississippi: The New Madrid Seismic Zone

The epicenter of the 27 January 2015 Hampshire Earthquake, and places where people have reported feeling the event. British Geological Survey.

7.8 Ecuador earthquake causes widespread severe damage


Australia's worst earthquakes

tsunami map. A magnitude-8.3 earthquake ...

Rescuers work in the rubble after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck on September 19, 2017

Strong 8.0-magnitude earthquake hits Peru, no injuries reported

1964 Alaska earthquake. From Wikipedia ...

Although the quake appears to have struck along the Castle Mountain Fault, it probably lies beneath it and is unrelated to it.

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Amherstburg earthquake magnitude increased to 4.1

Map showing the historical earthquakes in the eastern Himalaya (1255, 1713, 1897, 1950-yellow polygon). 1950 intensity isoseismals (violet dotted lines ...

The Puget Sound region of Washington state was jolted from its morning routine at 10:55 a.m. on Wednesday, February 28th, 2001 by a magnitude 6.8 earthquake ...

In the vertical cross section of crust, there are two features labeled

A earthquake was recorded off the coast of Long Island on April 9, 2019.

Map via @meschultz1010 on Twitter.

Geographic location of the 27 February 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule earthquake, with epicentre (red star) between Concepción and Constitución in South Central Chile.

Koji Nakamura of the Japan Meteorological Agency addresses a news conference next to a map showing an earthquake epicenter off the coast of Fukushima ...

Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 hits Hindukush region in Afghanistan, tremors felt in Delhi-NCR

Alberta regulator restricts fracking near dam following earthquake

MKT= Main Karakoram Thrust, MMT= Main Mantle Thrust, MBT= Main Boundary

Riverside and San Bernardino felt Intensity 4 "weak" shaking from Tuesday's earthquake. Intensity

Map showing extent over which reports of this event is reported to have been felt (

(Laris Karklis/.)

Damage due to the Good Friday Earthquake in Alaska

latest earthquake Philippines


Historical and instrumental seismicity of New Zealand region since 1843 ( magnitudes 6.0 and greater)

Capability of GPS permanent stations to record strong earthquakes in real-time (blue) as a function of magnitude and distance from the fault rupture.

Magnitude-8 earthquake hits Peru, no injuries reported

Figure 3 Distance between event location in the PS2010 catalog and the USGS catalog, for earthquakes occurring in five different tectonic settings, ...

New Madrid earthquake

Shaking intensity as reported online by citizens of east Asia. Data points are colored by intensity and sized by city population. The USGS Did-You-Feel-It ...

The New Madrid Seismic Zone is within the North American plate. Around

The seismic waveform record, which is the displacement of the Earth at the seismometer location

An ad hoc event location places the event around 10 miles south-east of Socorro, at a depth of around 2 miles, a magnitude less then 2.5 and origin time ...

The force of the quake, however, brought down many old houses in Yurimaguas, a town near the epicenter in a lightly populated area of Peru's Amazon basin, ...

A major 7.8 earthquake hit Kathmandu and was followed by multiple aftershocks. Many houses,

A big earthquake might be waiting to strike Delhi NCR

An aerial view of Minato, Japan, a week after the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami devastated the area.

Here is the map with a century's seismicity plotted.

Figure 1.3 Number of events by 20-year period in Indonesian and Philippine archipelagoes and their vicinities; blue indicates all tsunami events and red ...

'Major' damage after magnitude-7 earthquake in Alaska

FIGURE 3. Map showing approximate epicenters of historic earthquakes in and near Maryland since 1758

Epicenter- Regional View

Figure 2: the fault ruptures north and west from the epicenter. Faulting terminated near the epicenter of a magnitude 8.7 event that occurred in 1941.

What caused the 2010 earthquake in Angol, Chile?

Earthquakes in Australia

Earthquake list: past 30 days (only M>=5.5) (42 quakes)

Sunday's earthquake shown in the WRCB ...

Earthquakes media coverage in the digital age


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Earthquake in New Zealand

A map shows the epicenter of another earthquake that struck the Danville, Calif. area

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Likewise, that moment—gleaned from GPS data on the peak rate of acceleration of ground displacement—can indicate a smaller event.

Map of Sichuan province, China, depicting the intensity of the shaking caused by the

Mw 9.0 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku, Japan Earthquake, on March 11 th , 2011 at 05:46 UTC

ShakeAlert system as shown during a simulated 8.0 magnitude earthquake off the Washington Coast. In this scenario, Eugene has just under a minute and a half ...