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Does Using Duplicate Content For Subdomains For Each Different City

Does Using Duplicate Content For Subdomains For Each Different City


Does Using Duplicate Content For Subdomains For Each Different City For Lead Gen Site Still Applies Today?

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23rd May, 2017 By April

Subdomain vs Subfolders

How To Add Content To City Pages Without A High Degree Of Duplicate Issues? « Bradley Benner

Does A Custom Domain Carry The Same DA And Ranking Power As A Subdomain On The Root Site? « Bradley Benner

Subdomains vs Subfolders: What's the Difference and Which Is Better for SEO in 2019?

Alternate version pages: print friendly pages or text only accessible pages

Duplicate content trailing slashes guide 2017

duplicate warranty text

Original Articles Come Top (usually). The bigger problem with content syndication in 2019 is ...

I have yet to see subfolders on a site get their own Sitelinks.

warranty copy replicated in the search results

Subdomain vs Subfolders- which one ranks better

Time and time again, Google has shown that they treat subdomains very differently from root domains, in some cases treating them as completely different ...

What Is Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content?

Subdomains vs. Subfolders: What's the Difference?

using the site operator in google search. We can check for any other indexed subdomains ...

content audits help diagnose thin content

The Google Cache notification (below) is now no longer available, but it was a good little tool to dig a little deeper into how Google works:

Domain Name Best Practices: The Do's and Don'ts For Multi-Location Dealerships


You can also filter by duplicates using the drop down in the top left hand corner. In the screenshot above, we're filtering by duplicate URLs.

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Depending on where and when you look, the consensus on whether you should or shouldn't use a subdomain for your website can lie on either side of the ...

Raleigh SEO Meetup SERPs showing duplicate content filtering

... is duplicate content a problem? 6.

Faceted Search organization

inbound links via search console


Dup Content Illustration Phase I

Is Google Forcing You to Use BlackHat SEO

... and offers up a series of replacement activities that will go much farther toward moving the needle. Share your own tips and favorites in the comments!

It will automatically detect the changes and fill in the URL, Path, and Title fields for you. You can just click on the 'Next' button to continue.

duplicated blog post

notlarrysabato SiteLinks 081215

The World Is Your Oyster: A Guide to Website Internationalisation Best Practices

There are problems here to be solved – the .php version of this site's homepage is unnecessarily indexed (and outranks the canonical and international ...

Duplicate Content Issues When Using Templates for Business Franchise

entity set pages

Decide if you want to use the www subdomain.

As you can see, you can quickly get a sense of the pages on your site that are indexable and duplicated.

Cuideo: The growth of a project in the elder care sector – iSocialweb Success Story


Causes of Content Duplication. Many different factors result in duplicate ...

This is effectively the same content on different URLs and subdomains. In this instance, however, the site is configured to deliver different shopping pages ...

What is Google Penguin?

Which Is Good For An Event Blogging: Expired Domain Or A New Domain?

How Would You Strategize Sending Out An Email Campaign For Over A Year?

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!

How to conduct a SEO audit of a website: a checklist for 2018

I'll show you an example, because I think that will help kick us off. So you are almost certainly familiar, if you've played around in the world of real ...

Generally, it's always best to try to fix the root of a duplicate content problem, so redirecting pages, preventing your CMS from creating duplicated ...

page 1 vs page 2 in a paginated series

Reality check, myth vs facts on duplicate content

Subdomain vs Domain

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There's a big difference between the accuracy of ccTLDs when they're localized and when they are dupes. I did some research using the SEMRush API, ...

Using keywords for your subfolder names (e.g. 'tshirts') is much better than using generic names or numbers (e.g. 'cat433'). It doesn't only serve as a ...

Sitelinks for a subdomain (on a site that's not an obvious authority site, e.g. video.google.com):

huge list of keywords

Relative vs Absolute URLs Whiteboard

Content Delivery Network Illustration


Implementing SEO with CDN

Deactivate plugins

1. Title Tags

Domain Names and URLs

associate entity with resource

Google has published their pros and cons breakdown of the URL structures you can use for international targeting. There are 4 options listed here:

... online is going to need their own website, and the first step to having a solid presence online is choosing the right domain name for your website.

Dealing with Duplicate Content Ehren Reilly May 8, ...

Can You Still Use GSite And Empower A Client's Money Site If You Don't Have Access To Their Email Account?

which indicated that Google will count links (AT SOME LEVEL) even on duplicate articles republished on other sites – probably depending on the search query, ...

International SEO and search trends: How does it all work?

tim soulo social profiles

single vs multiple websites

search console duplicate content report. “

Once you've run a crawl of your site, you can quickly get a list of pages with duplicated title tags or meta descriptions:


... you then can create the contents. In our example we now have a second brand new website which is a subset of the main one and has courses for the users.


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camera store duplicative search results

If you grab a significant amount of data in terms of date-range (e.g. the previous year), you can then export that report and see which pages have unusually ...

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