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BLUE PATINA Reeds GrassOne 1 Stem PriceDry Reeds 100 cmWedding

BLUE PATINA Reeds GrassOne 1 Stem PriceDry Reeds 100 cmWedding


BLUE LARGE PAMPAS Grass/Dry Reeds/Blue Pampas Grass 100 cm/Dried Pampas

BLUE PATINA PAMPAS Grass/One (1) Stem Price/Dry Reeds 100 cm/Wedding Decor/Dried Pampas Grass/Dried Flowers/Long Cane/Dry Plumes/Tall Vase

BLUE PATINA Reeds Grass/Narrow Plumes/One (1) Stem Price/Dried Reeds 100 cm/Wedding Decor/Dried Pampas Grass/Dried Flowers/Plumes/Tall Vase

DRIED REEDS ORANGE/Apricot Colored Dried Pampas Grass/One (1)Stem Price/Dried Flowers/Feather Grass/Wedding Decor/Arrangement/Tall Vase

Pampas Grass for Natural Decor

Dried Extra long Reeds. 32'' (=80cm) or 23.6'' (=60cm). Reed Grass. Vase Flowers. Craft. Rustic home decor. Wedding. Party. Pampas Grass

Large Dry Reed grass, Long Cane/Pond Decor Grass,Rush Plumes/Dry Flowers/Pampas Grass/Weddings/Party floristic decor/Dry Flower arrangement

DRIED PAMPAS GRASS Mix/Dry Reeds/Long Plumes/Dried Flowers/Feather grass/Fluffy Plumes/Tall vase centerpiece

PAMPAS GRASS Metallic Mix (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper) Dry Reeds/Long Plumes/Dried Flowers/Feather Grass/Fluffy Plumes Tall vase

LONG Dry Reeds/Dried Pampas Grass/Natural Color/Dried Flowers/Approximately 55/80/100 cm/Natural Pampas Reeds/Wedding Decor/Arrangement

DRIED FLOWER Arrangement/20 stems bouquet/Dried Flowers/Plant lenght 95cm/Dry Reeds/Dry Plumes/Wedding Decor/Floral Arrangement Plumes

STRAW Color Pampas Grass/Dried Flowers/Dry Reeds/Dried Pampas Grass 55/80/ 100 cm/Natural Pampas Reeds/Wedding Decor/Long Plume

PAMPAS Grass Bouquet/Approximately 55-60 cm lenght/Dry Reeds Bouquet/Dry Plumes/Natural Pompas Reeds/Wedding Decor/Arrangement/Long Plumes

60 cm Feather Reed Grass, Natural Plumes, Natural Dried Plumes, Vase Decor, DIY For Crafts Florists, Rustic Wedding, Feder Grass

Pink Dry Reeds/One (1) stem price/Pampas Grass/Plumes/Dried Flowers Reeds 90-100cm/Natural Pampas/Feather Grass/Floral Arrangement/Plumes

SUPER EXTRA Large Pampas Grass/Super Plumes 40-45cm/Large Dry Reeds/Dried Flowers/Natural Pampas Reeds/Wedding DecorFloral Arrangement

Dry Reeds CRIMSON Colored/One (1) stem price/Pampas Grass/Plumes/Dried Flowers Reeds 100cm/Feather Grass/Floral Arrangement/Plumes

Natural Preserved Bright Tall Grass - 36-40" Tall

Dried Pampas Grass/Dry Reeds/Dried Flowers/Colored Pampas Grass/Wedding Decor/Tall Vase/Flower Arrengment

Dried Flowers/Pampas Grass/Medium Plumes(15-20cm)/Straw color/Price per 1 stem/Dry Reeds/Dried Pampas Grass/Wedding Decor

DRIED PAMPAS Grass Red Bouquet/20 FLOWERS + 1 bonus flower/Plant lenght 90- 100 cm/Dried Flowers/Wedding Decor/Floral Plumes/Tall Vase

Black Grass Dried, Black Grass, Dried Grass Bundle, Tall Grass, Black Dried Flowers, Dried Flowers Bunch, Dried Stems, Black Flowers Decor

Long Stem Dried Gem Grass

Preserved Congo Grass in Green - 36-42" Tall

Dried Grasses, Assorted Long Stemmed Dried Grass Bunches for Arrangements

80 Blades - Preserved Wild Grass in Green - 40-55" Tall

Dried Fountain Grass in Grass - 12 oz Bundle - 45-48" Tall

Preserved Natural Grass Bunch - 36-40" Tall

Dried Plume Reed Grass / Dried Soft Plume Grass / Dried Grass

Green Preserved Bright Tall Grass - 36-40" Tall

Botanical Wall Art, Pampas Grass, Beige Prints, Pastel Wall Art, Neutral Poster, Nature Minimalist Print, Dried Grass Art, Farmhouse,Digital

different colors of PAMPAS GRASS cortaderia selloana 100+, 500+, 1000+, 5000+ or 10,000+ seeds

Natural Dried Canary Grass - 24" Tall

5 Bunch 80cm Extra Large Dried Pampas Grass, Dried Reed, Dried Flower, Long Dry Grass, Home Accessory, Wedding decoration, Scene Arrangement

Dried Flowers for Wreaths, Dried Wreath Supplies, Dried Flowers for Bouquets, Natural Dried Flowers, Country Wreaths Flowers, 12 Dried Reeds

Hand Blown Glass Stem Vase Blue and Purple - Floral - Single Stem - Handmade

Nature Dried Straws, Pampas Grass, Feather Grass Stems, DIY Composition, Natural, Interior Decoration, Real Straw sticks, Rustic, Florist

Blue Cased Skinny Vase with Clear Blue Base Frosted look from White Interior, Vintage 6 inch Bud Vase, vanity decor, room decor single stem

Dark Brown Dried Grass, Dried Grass Bunch, Dried Grass Decor, Tall Grass for Vase, Flower Arrangement, Brown Dried Decor, Natural Decoration

container with a tall center of grapes, flowers and greenery. The base of the plant contains white and ivory flowers and more greenery.

Long handle coiled sedge basket

PAMPAS GRASS Vase/Dry Reeds Vase/Plumes Vase/Pampas Wooden Vase/Feather Grass/Wedding Decor Vase/Flower arrangement/Long Plumes/Tall Vase

Aloe vera barbadensis Extra Large Cluster 12"Tall 12" Wide 10 Aloes sizes vary You will Receive this Exact Rooted Plant w/o Pot #2B

Extra Large and Tall Handwoven Sisal Grass Basket

Cholla Cylindropuntia ganderi Ganders Buckhorn Rooted Extra Large Specimen 21"Tall 31" Wide You will receive the plant from the pictures #1G

Feathers gift set, candle melter, vase, hand crafted, home style, birthday, anniversry, pastels, feathers,

Bareuther Waldsassen Porzellan Vase etwa 28 cm runde schlanke Form mit Blütenmuster 70erJahre

Krautheim Selb Porzellan Vase etwa 25 cm runde schlanke Form mit Blütenmuster 70erJahre

Porzellanvase von AK Kaiser weiss, runde Form wie Weinamphore

Vase für langen Stiel Stecklinge mit handgefertigten Soja-Wachs Monstera Blatt

Gildehandwerk weiße sechseckige Form mit blauen Streifen 70erJahre Creation Delft Street

kleine vintage Vase WMF versilbert

Nature inspired bird and grass yoga leggings, extra wide waistband yoga capri and full length leggings, black and red tall women leggings