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An RAF radar technician has captured the wild desolate and

An RAF radar technician has captured the wild desolate and


RAF radar technician captures the wild landscapes of the Falkland Islands in stunning drone footage

While standing on Gypsy Cove, Paul was able to capture this fascinating image of Magellanic

Incredible views: Paul stands on rocky Mount Kent, notable for its incredible 'stone

RAF technician Paul said: 'The white sandy beaches are teeming with wildlife like penguins

Paul filmed from December until earlier this month on the remote islands, located 400 miles

The stunning drone footage was captured when Paul had time off from his job. He

Paul is pictured walking among the rocky landscape of Mount Kent, which is in the

Paul explained: 'The inland areas are so sparse and barren, no trees,

The islands comprise two main islands and 776 smaller islands and cover 4,700 square miles.

Paul said: 'I sincerely feel privileged to have been and experienced the Falkland Islands

Port Stanley, pictured, is twinned with Whitby in North Yorkshire, and Airdrie in

RAF tech's drone captures the wild landscapes of the Falkland Islands | Best LifeStyle Buzz

The capital of the Falkland Islands is Port Stanley, pictured. The buildings there are

RAF radar technician captures the wild landscapes of the Falkland Islands in amazing drone footage | Daily Mail Online

The Falklands remains a British Overseas Territory but are self-governed with a population of

Paul, pictured, said he was thrilled to be able to share views of the

Britain has over 1,000 islands and many of them, as a fascinating new book reveals

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To have and too cold: Penguins hold hands during romantic beach walk

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You little treasure: Madrid is a popular choice, but tantalising Toledo nearby is a

The Liberation of the Netherlands. “

Rising acidity in the world's oceans could have dire consequences for millions, experts warn Carbon

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Accused neo-Nazi launches presidential campaign: 'This is Argentina, not Israel'

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October 2018 Navy News

Out of an estimated 8,000 Canadians who served in South East Asia, a total of 454 were either killed in action or died of disease.

With one dash of his machete blade in the water, Lionel James kills a small fish the size of my finger, which he swiftly uses as bait to catch a haul of ...

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Clifden Condenser House

France waves goodbye to sleeper trains

Learn About the Falklands War - ThoughtCo

Bystander footage shows aftermath of West Baltimores shooting


Cultural History

From 'The Marconi Companies and Their People' August 1965, the Marconi A and B teams at the twelfth annual Industrial Fire Prevention Association, ...

The Lye Mun Passage, across which Japanese troops invaded Hong Kong on the night of 18 December 1941. The gun in the foreground is a 9.2 inch.

South African Air Force – No. 1 Squadron (“The Billy Boys”)

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From the Archives: Argentina invades the Falkland Islands

An RCAF District Headquarters was subsequently authorized in May 1943 and became operational in October. By June 1945, a staff of 191 officers and men were ...

Lockheed SR-71 Operations in the Far East

The Falklands penguins that would not explode - BBC …

Convair XF2Y-1 135762 disintegrates over San Diego Bay, 4 November 1954.

Loch Nan Ceall seen from the breakfast room at Arisaig House

The Strategic Bombing Campaign Part V: The North American Barndoors. This is a continuation of


Gaining An R.A.F Pilots Brevet In WW II [Archive] - Page 20 - PPRuNe Forums

2017 Vice Adm. Donald D. Engen Flight Jacket Night

- watch free online documentaries - ihavenotv.com

1939. Saturday 2nd December. 355 Kings Squad passed for Duty at Eastney Barracks? G.A. Boast was awarded the Kings Badge.

Gaining An R.A.F Pilots Brevet In WW II [Archive] - Page 6 - PPRuNe Forums

We owe them an enormous debt of thanks and that is why they are all mentioned in Our Uninvited Guests.

Last-Words Ahrens

width= Capture ...

Air Commodore Chris Luck (left) and Gary Headland, chief executive of the Lincoln

Aldeburgh couple's claim over 'disastrous' cruise dismissed

RAF News 05.10.2018

Gaining An R.A.F Pilots Brevet In WW II [Archive] - Page 6_2 - PPRuNe Forums

Eddie Holman, Field Services Manager, knew how to save on the subsistence budget. Never has a can of beans looked so good.

Canadian Armed Forces members help a young Afghan girl suffering from a burn at a free medical clinic. January 2008.

India at War. the Subcontinent and the Second World War - Yasmin Khan | British Raj (286 views)

A F4U-4 of VF-884 crashes off the bow of USS Boxer (

Amazon tribe which has never had contact with the outside world seen for the first time in amazing drone footage | 4search.com

a close up of an RAF roundel with a hole in the fabric

Military husband is fed up with people assuming army spouses are just women

Buffaloes Over Singapore by Geoff Fisken | Imperial Japanese Navy | Royal Air Force

... the work and is more than just a technician behind a camera. Just like Mike, I was there in a wet and windy week, trying to capture the heavy weather ...

The first production AJ-1 Savage over Southern California in 1950, lost near Bedford, Virginia, on 22 June 1950.

The Duchess of Cambridge shares touching story about why they got their dog Lupo

An attempt was made at basic recreation facilities, but the site remained a desolate outpost essentially free of the amenities of modern life.

AIF in Brisbane - June 1940

Amazing drone footage captures Amazon jungle tribe who have never had contact with the outside world for first time | 4search.com

The Defense of Hong Kong


RAF pilots made my day

تمّت متابعة Falkland Islands Gov

With between 150 and 180 divisions in the surprise attack, the Germans counted on a quick capture of Moscow and the Caucasus.

The East Antarctic Plateau is a windswept desolate expanse the size of Australia with few bases or instruments. Photo credit: Ted Scambos, NSIDC.

Here is Major David I. Cedarbaum's record covering F/O Cohen's last mission. As can be seen, no further information was available…


I was about to speculate about the origins of the acid attack, before remembering Two-Face's origin story.



Flight Sergeant Edgar Proctor

Days later when a muleteer was kicked in the crotch, the platoon commander put in a call to the Air Commandos for a medical evacuation.

Finally, below is another view of the ship taken from what appear to be Yukon's bridge wings. Zumwalt is still an impressive and outright otherworldly ...

Since the end of the war, Canada has contributed to many military operations around the world in an effort to promote international freedom and maintain ...

RAF No Evidence/Kein Beweis (2017) by Arwed Messmer © Arwed Messmer: