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A Week in the Life of a Freelance Social Media Manager Freelancing

A Week in the Life of a Freelance Social Media Manager Freelancing


A Week in the Life of a Freelance Social Media Manager

... Freelance Social Media Manager & Lifestyle Blogger. Dream of working for yourself one day? I'm sharing a behind the scenes

A Week in the Life of a Freelance Social Media Manager | Freelancing advice | Social media tips, Social media, Financial tips


Need a Social Media Manager? Ask me! / Megaphone / Decal - Freelancer at

Sep 23, 2017

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Need a Social Media Manager? Ask me! / Megaphone / Decal - Freelancer at

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If you think selling people's product by making it sound fancy is your calling then the best way to start your career in it is by freelancing for various ...

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Finding work is perhaps the toughest part for a freelancer. He has to knock on several doors and spend time, money and energy trying to get work.

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Upcoming: Speaker at CCNEKT, Her Conference & The Freelancer Conference.

Need a Social Media Manager? Ask me! / Megaphone / Decal - Freelancer at

In the second part of The Freelancing Guide I will talk you through some top tips to helping you stay on top of your work without losing your mind.

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First held in 2016, European Freelancers Week is a curation of events in different cities across Europe with the common goal of bringing together ...

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This is a really good rate and having this publication in your portfolio would make future clients drool.

Finance management is another aspect on which to pay close attention! Like liberal professionals, freelancers may have very variable incomes, ...

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I started my freelancing journey approximately 1 year ago, to date. I've learned some gnarly shit that I never expected would be on the damned syllabus.

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Welcome to Freelance University!

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Freelancing, for me, is possibly the best profession there is. Maybe this is because I consider myself part of a legion of agents of change.

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