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2019 Apr 17 Set Julian Assange free demand Arundhati Roy and

2019 Apr 17 Set Julian Assange free demand Arundhati Roy and


Famous Indian writer Arundhati Roy along with five other public intellectuals including N Ram and Romila Thapar has criticised Assange's arrest

Chelsea Manning faces new WikiLeaks grand jury subpoena, could be sent back to jail

Canberra: Rally for Julian Assange on World Press Freedom Day

“Assange's arrest is an attack on free speech and dissent”

23 April 2019. London: Public meeting for Julian Assange

Wednesday 24/4/19 from 12 noon. Parliament Square (Meet outside Supreme Court)

Major civil liberties, media freedom, and human rights groups speak out against the arrest of Julian Assange.

Ecuadorian Prez Moreno threatens Assange for violating 'asylum terms'. Posted on April 3, 2019 ...

... minister Ricardo Patiño @RicardoPatinoEC , who says abandoning #Assange was “savagery” and shows that Moreno has surrendered to the US “as a vassal”

2019 Apr 8 (NZ) NZH: Mike Hoskings opinion piece (VITRIOL) | OP Articles ABOUT Julian & Wikileaks | Opinion piece, Articles

Free Chelsea Manning and Free Julian Assange IMMEDIATELY!!! #FreeChelsea #FreeChelseaManning ❤ #FreeJulian #FreeJulianAssange ❤ We love you ❤

'It is now Pakistan's turn to weep': Modi boasts about India's 'mother of nuclear bombs' at rally', RT.com, April 18, 2019. “

'Set Julian Assange free': N Ram, Arundhati Roy, Romila Thapar and others decry attack on press

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-24

... “Indian Children's Role Model – Uncle Bill: School children wear masks to celebrate the birthday of 'Uncle Bill' , the Microsoft founder and co-chair of ...

recent news on the epic plight of julian assange

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By @realgrace31

Robert J. Burrowes-Defending Julian Assange; Defending the Truth

Sweden will request Assange's extradition to stand trial on rape allegations


... human clickbait Roger Stone, comedian Randy Credico stated that he'd spoken with Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff to inform him that Julian Assange is ...

So now you know all that blather about bringing democracy to the barbarians was not true. The corporations just want your money and your servitude.

... has there been such a hysteria in the anti-war/anti-Zionist community as there is with Julian Assange and his organization, Wikileaks.

The glimpse of Julian Assange being dragged from the Ecuadorean embassy in London is an emblem of the times. Might against right. Muscle against the law.

The most recent hit on Julian Assange by the Intercept

Accompanied by a rise of the correctly termed deplorables, a bolus of miscreants and malformed post-adolescent actors constituting a wave of ...

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Vigil to oppose Julian Assange's extradition to🇺🇸. He exposed🇺🇸war crimes,human rights abuses,cover-ups & diplomatic duplicity.Julian told the truth.

Roy delivering a talk "Can We Leave the Bauxite in the Mountain? Field Notes on Democracy" at the Harvard Kennedy School on April 1, 2010

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Persecution of Julian Assange

Findings of Torture: The UN Rapporteur and Julian Assange

And to top it all off, we have a leader who reinforces the ignorance of climate change deniers:

25 April 2019. UN Privacy Rapporteur visits Julian Assange ...

Ayaan Hirsi Ali doubles down on her Islamophobia

News about #FreeAssange on Twitter

Julian Assange featured image in The Indicter 11 March 2016

... fearless journalism” — acclaimed author Arundhati Roy & others: https://www.newsclick.in/Julian-Assange-Arrested-London-Wikileaks-Attack-on-Journalism …

January additions to Julian Assange's extreme plight

Friedrich P. Kötter and his sister Martina Kötter

When the entire system is brought to bear against one lone individual. Who's going to write 'The Ballad of Julian Assange'? By Craig Murray.

Clockwise from top left, eight of the people who have signed the petition: Hanif Kureishi, Björk, Arundhati Roy, Don DeLillo, Ian McEwan, Margaret Atwood, ...

Mar 27, 2019


Assange's arrest: “Stolen Documents” and the assault on press freedom

Do NOT Let Them Make A Saint Of This Asshole. “

May 19, 2019

Guardian and Assange

3件の返信 11件のリツイート 43 いいね

Julian Assange compared Ukraine's fascist torch marches with the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

Readers' views on allegations against CJI Ranjan Gogoi, Sadhvi Pragya and more - 195News

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Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy and others ask Swedish PM to step up support for Ola Bini · Peoples Dispatch. April 24, 2019

In the event Julian Assange's asylum is revoked, emergency rallies will be organized at 6pm the following day and then again the following Sunday.


Since the arrival of The Donald, U.S. politics is a fact-free zone. The truth simply no longer matters.

Seymour Hersh

We the undersigned strongly condemn the invitation to Mahinda Rajapaksa, war criminal and former President of Sri Lanka, to deliver the inaugural address at ...

Julian Assange moved to prison health ward as WikiLeaks reveal 'grave concerns' about well-being


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The arrest of Julian Assange is an existential threat to journalism –

One of the more concerning ramifications of Chinas recent turn toward a more totalitarian stance at home is what it means for the geopolitical environment ...

« Etes-vous encore de gauche ? » La réponse gênée de François Hollande

Sasha Baron Cohen Says 'Borat' Broke Up Pam Anderson And ...

Indian-Origin Boy, UK's Youngest Accountant, Has Own Firm While In School

Peculiar Powers



Naomi Klein, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky

In his article entitled, “The Indictment of Assange is a Snare and a Delusion,” James Goodale, explains how the USG has written into the present indictment ...

Julian Assange


... On Sunday night Arundhati Roy delivered the Arthur Miller Freedom to Write lecture at the Apollo Theater in Harlem as part of the PEN World Voices ...

Raising Girls 21st Century

Keep fighting for Corbyn: Stop the attacks - Counterfire freesheet March 2019

We Are All Sandra Bland

Apr 17, 2019

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Julian Assange homepage

In Translation: A Man Booker International Prize Panel

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange: The Duty to Expose War Crimes

July 2017