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2019 Apr 15 J D Tuccille Julian Assange Is a Better Journalist

2019 Apr 15 J D Tuccille Julian Assange Is a Better Journalist


Julian Assange Is a Better Journalist Than Many of His Media Critics – Reason.com

Julian Assange Sentenced to 50 Weeks in U.K. Prison for Skipping Bail

Reminder To All the News Outlets Hiring Rahm Emanuel: He's Awful

Report Claims Paul Manafort Met With Julian Assange Months Before WikiLeaks Published DNC Emails

New Julian Assange Indictment Crushes the Hopes of Journalists Who Thought Their Press Passes Would Save Them

The real “deplorable” in today's United States is the continuation of a foreign policy based on endless aggression to maintain Washington's military ...

jpeg by Natalie Fawn Danelishen

On March 6, 2016, this Deplorable issued a statement formally endorsing Donald J. Trump for the presidency of the United State. I now hereby withdraw that ...

Journalists Criticize CNN for Planning Journalism About Howard Schultz

The Government Is Treating Assange Like a Hacker to Punish His Journalism

USA Today: Give Julian Assange a Medal of Freedom*, not an Indictment

Julian Assange Probably Safe from the Zealous Department of Justice. For Now. Probably.

Friday April 19, 2019

Julian Assange is Helping Edward Snowden Seek Asylum in Iceland

“The Collectivist Election ...

Semper Ratio

... pull. “But if you're talking about how many rounds you get out of the gun within a certain amount of time,” says Sullum, “any semi-automatic is gonna ...

Donald ...


Charges Against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Accidentally Revealed by U.S. Prosecutors: Reason Roundup

Phase Two – April 18th through July 31st 2016: At the same time as NSA Director Mike Rogers discovered a significant and unauthorized uptick in ...

... Julian Assange's ...

Mother Of Detained Journalist Julian Assange And WikiLeaks Call On Journalists And Supporters To Protest In Times Square On New Year's Eve

Rick Perry has recently spoken out about Texas seceding from the Union. From the New York Times:

Trump loved W ...

Senators Question DOJ's Surveillance of Americans' Cell Phone Location Records

Dangerous Precedent Looms in Espionage Indictment Against Julian Assange


By Steve 'Snoopman' Edwards (Last updated 12 May 2019)*

Next Free Voice

August 15, 2016 J.D. Tuccille 2 comments. Choose the form of your destructor!

... Julian Assange's ...

FBI's James Comey Calls Wikileaks "Intelligence Porn," Dares To Define Journalism

Saturday March 23, 2019

The indictment of Assange is a blueprint for making journalists into felons


I believe the overwhelming percentage of politicians are corrupt. This nation has created a professional political class/elite whose single purpose in life ...

The DOJ inadvertently named Julian Assange in a court filing in an unrelated case, suggesting they have prepared charges against the WikiLeaks founder under ...

CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) – The White House on Sunday fired back at former President Jimmy Carter, calling him “increasingly irrelevant” a day after Carter ...

... Welch. “

David Brooks presents Solutions Journalism Network as a bridge between talk and action (maybe for less sociable people)

Cop Suspended For Threatening To Kill Ferguson Protesters, Journalists


Could the indictment of Julian Assange endanger future citizen journalism?

In this same week the New York Times asserted North Korea is engaged in a “great deception” over its nuclear forces, South Korean unification minister Cho ...


Journalist Barrett Brown on Prison, Leakers, and Private Intelligence Agencies

The War Against Cash, Part One

The real threat

Amazon votes to keep selling its controversial facial recognition software to police and governments despite growing privacy concerns

Hearing good things, Pun Son and I went to the Regal in Newington to take in this horror movie. Whoa. Whoa. I am fully prepared to hand writer/director ...

Jim's New Book

Books, Arts & Manners

“Republicans Whip Up Pre-Midterm Fears With Lies About Invading Migrant Caravan,” by Elizabeth Nolan Brown. “

Friday May 10, 2019


British Police Have Arrested Julian Assange. Prosecuting Him Would Gravely Threaten Press Freedom: Reason Roundup

What cannot continue, will not. Visualizing the Snowball of Government Debt:

Carlos Maza explains why he thinks some ideas and speakers should be "quarantined" by journalists

(4.17/43), 55


May 1995

The corporate media's editorial standards for reporting on Official Enemies of the US government, especially North Korea, are as low as ever.

Police Raid on San Francisco Journalist Descends Into Blame Game

Absolutely Covers It!

... Julian Assange's ...

New Website Credder Aims to Fight Fake News, Promote Real Journalism

URLs du Jour

(5.72/43), 39

Analysis: Fight over tax reform just beginning

The problem is when governments use coercion to limit and/or abolish cash so that politicians have more power. And (gee, what a surprise) this is why the ...

Monday, May 20, 2019

What is “Gang Stalking?”


The Assange Exception to the First Amendment

The gunman used two AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles, two shotguns and a hand-gun loaded with hollow-nosed ammunition designed to shred flesh to maximize ...

New facebook photo, wall-to-wall, and more…


How sleep deprivation ruins your mental health

Saturday March 9, 2019

On May 6, Laura Chen of Blaze TV channel made a video about “Big Tech censorship” that explains particularly well the greasy, oily slope of big tech's ...

President Trump declared Tuesday that a “new chapter of American greatness is now beginning” as he made economic revival the centerpiece of his first ...

The New Green Serfdom

As a result, the point in the income distribution where people switch from mostly-laborers to mostly-rentiers used to be when you got into the top 1% in ...

Men, women and children were incarcerated in the U.S. due to their ethnic heritage during WWII (Source)

URLs du Jour

drawing of Jim Bovard. “

... Julian Assange's ...