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2000 villages across Karnataka facing drought state monitors

2000 villages across Karnataka facing drought state monitors


2,000 villages across Karnataka facing drought, state monitors situation

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Drought, but why: Karnataka's water woes won't go away by throwing money on it

No one told the villagers that water has to be saved and conserved. No one looked after check dams, nalas (canals), farm ponds and catchment areas.

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Women dedicate long hours in collecting water from nearby hand pumps for various purposes. Credit

Lack of sufficient rainfall has lead to low soil moisture content in several regions of Maharastra

In many parts of drought-stricken north Karnataka, borewells have become the sole beacons of hope – and despair – as people desperately look for drinking ...

Drought Declared In Maharashtra, Bihar & Karnataka, Several Other Regions Face Similar Conditions

Community Driven Water Conservation Initiatives In 2016 Drought

As reservoir levels plunge in three states, South India braces for more water wars

FOR RELEASE WITH FEATURE BC-DROUGHT-INDIA - Children from the village of Kankroli look for shells in the dried out bed of the Rajsamand lake near Udaipur in ...

Drought in India

How companies, government & NGOs have come together to alleviate farmers' distress in drought-hit Karnataka

"If Tamil Nadu consents to building this dam, it is going to be the biggest beneficiary because they will also get some water," State Water Resources ...

Double Whammy Fund Crunch: MGNREGA+NDRF


In 2015-16, Marathwada region in Maharashtra faced unprecedented drought. Two years later

Raghuvir Singh of Sikar says that for the first time in two years he has earned

DRP News Bulletin 15 April 2019: Bundelkhand villages demand ponds for votes, not Ken Betwa Link

As water sources dry up, 182 talukas in Maharashtra are headed towards a severe drought

drought hit states, Maharashtra, Narendra Modi, drought-proofing steps, monsoon,

#FightDrought by Restoring Lakes & Ponds In Drought hit Tamil Nadu

A Dakshinamoorthy is considering migration as prolonged drought hits his 3-acre rice farm (Pic: Jaideep Hardikar)

Dry well Latur: In 2015-16, Marathwada in Maharashtra faced unprecedented drought and

Bedarwadi village stands surrounded by dried-up fields in Maharashtra. Villages across southern states

DRP News Bulletin 22 October 2018: Looming Drought in Western India

Flood and Drought Management through Water Resources Development in India

Last fortnight the rains came to the festering soils of India. Farmers looked heavenward and some wept. But the tears that mingled freely with the rain were ...

RAICHUR, KARNATAKA, MAY 13, 2016: Minister of State for Agriculture Krishna Byre

Bengaluru city sees heavy rains; Normal life disrupted

Take a look at the land rules if you own a farmland in Karnataka

... and the northeastern region could face short-term or long-term drought in the coming months (see map: Drought forecast by South Asia Drought Monitor).

ICRISAT's pool of climate-smart agricultural practices is equipping farming communities in the mining belt of Karnataka, India, to restore their ecosystem ...

Chanda Devi of Marjadi was caught in the rising flood water along with her two young children. They were rescued by fellow villagers as water level crossed ...

Kerala has not seen a worse drought in 100 years. It is affecting the lives of humans, cattle and also wild animals. The state got early signs of drought ...

April 1 ...

According to work done by ISRO for installation of rain gauge station in the state have resulted that Rainfall shall be monitored with close density rain ...

8 states declared drought affected, Centre allows them to offer 50 days of extra work under NREGS

It flows along Bhiknathori to meet the Sikrana river, also known as the Burhi Gandak. The night of August 12 also brought unprecedented floods to ...

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For Narasimhappa, a Harijan labourer in Karnataka rains came too late. Unable to feed his children he, with his wife and two children left the only home ...

Drought scare looms as parched South India faces severe water crunch

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20 Victims of Fluorosis and 111 farmers file nominations in Varanasi

Karnataka is facing acute drought, as 156 of its 176 blocks have been declared drought-hit.


Role of vegetation in water conservation - Water scarcity and security in India

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Irappa Saugli grows 80 types of crops on his organic farm thanks to recharged borewell.

Over 3 lakh truckloads of soil had been excavated and works worth Rs 40 crore had

According to work done by ISRO for installation of rain gauge station in the state have resulted that Rainfall shall be monitored with close density rain ...

woman and water pump

Tan Singh shows the spot where he and others hid in a bittora when their village

India in grip of severe water crisis; government mulls making demand management a priority

Access to drinking water in rural India is uncertain and subject to ups and downs. In 2007, the clean drinking water coverage slipped back to the mid-1990s ...

The water business, which Nestlé got into in 1976 in Europe with Perrier, is highly profitable. Nestlé Waters North America has 7,500 employees and 29 ...

Surma River dying slowly

2,000 villages across Karnataka facing drought, state monitors situation · 30,000 residents of 20 villages warned against using Shimsha river water

... the flood or of dead cattle — that villagers said is hard to procure. “How do we photograph washed away, dead cattle?” asked Kishore Paswan of Marjadi.

The “highly endangered” species of Indian Monitor Lizard, commonly known as 'Udumu' in Telugu, which has been declared as Schedule I animal under the ...

Piped water allows rural women to bathe in private

In Bihar's Khagaria district people don't use toilets in the monsoon as soak pits

Most people live in earthen houses with tiled or thatched roofs. There are some bigger houses and a couple of “pukka” multi-storied buildings with large ...

1.4 Trekking for Water during Drought

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A farmer working on his fields in Himachal Pradesh.

... in maintaining the food and nutritional security; 34. 34of the villages ...

A deserted polling booth in Haraginadoni in Bellary taluk, Karnataka on Saturday.

How the jallikattu ban threatens indigenous cattle breeds and rural livelihoods in Tamil Nadu

Caught in a policy tangle

Energy News Monitor | Volume XV; Issue 48


A house destroyed by an elephant attack in Bokkapuram.

Karnataka's Mattur: A Sanskrit speaking village with almost one IT professional per family


NASA has released a video created using satellite data that provides an estimate of the intense rainfall over India in the past week and shows the spread of ...

Marathwada farmers harvest water in streams, reap rich yields

Mithi is one of the few towns in Pakistan where Muslims do not form the majority


Belaku is a Kannada word which means light. Through our project, we hope to brighten people's lives - be it by electrifying ...

The Jalanidhi project has gone a long way in ensuring that rural families in many water-stressed parts of north Kerala receive a dependable supply of piped ...

A withering pigeon-pea field–a common sight for 60% of farmers who own less than five acres of land in Gayaval (Washim)–lies less than 500 metres from a ...

In Mopti, Mali, farmers are combating climate change by adopting ecosystem conservation methods and using high quality climate information for agroforestry, ...

Farmers practising zero budget natural farming at a field meeting in Belgaum district in Karnataka; photo by Ashlesha Khadse.

An under-construction recharge structure on Gattupally's Ashok Reddy's farm in Duppalapally village, Nalgonda

In Jharkhand's Hesal gram panchayat, the sarpanch got all the toilets installed; people continue

... assessment of agricultural drought at district and sub district level in four states namely, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana and Maharashtra.

According to Kerala State PCB officials, the fish deaths are a result of eutrophication. Eutrophication happens when a water body becomes excessively rich ...

An Indian boy pours water on himself as he tries to cool himself off amid rising

Overhead view of Jhiri Village, Colony and location of graffiti. Source: Google (

Sunil Kundgol of Itigatti village in Karnataka grows six varieties of millets on his farm including


Protests: “Environmentalists have called Amaravati a disaster in the making, since it is