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10 Eerie Facts About The Monster Of Florence Listverse Criminals

10 Eerie Facts About The Monster Of Florence Listverse Criminals


10 He Was Meticulously Organized And Obsessive. The Monster ...

The last thing you would expect a vicious serial killer to do is show any compassion. But that is exactly what the Monster did after killing Barbra Locci ...

The first murders attributed to the Monster are that of Barbra Locci and Antonio Lo Bianco, who were shot to death in their car on August 21, 1968.

2 Multiple Men Have Been Wrongly Convicted Of The Monster's Crimes

After an unofficial request by the Carabinieri, the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit made a profile of the Monster. This profile was never officially used in ...

A popular theory concerning the identity of the Monster is that it was not just one man but rather a gang of Sardinians living in the Florence area.

The man who shot, stabbed and mutilated 16 people (if, indeed, it was one person) has never been officially identified or convicted for his role in the ...

After shooting his victims to death, the Monster would take his crimes a step further. As previously referenced, he would often mutilate his female victims ...

Photo credit: Criminal Minds Wiki

To this day, the prime suspect in the Monster case is former Italian farmer Pietro Pacciani, who was first noted by police after an anonymous phone call ...

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10 Deadly Delivery

1 Letter Of Hope

9 Final Warning

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10 The Beginning

9 The Crimes Start

“Il Monstro” or “The Monster of Florence” killed and mutilated eight couples in the Italian countryside between 1968 and 1985. Although the .

10 SWAT Engages Empty Apartment In Six-Hour Standoff

Bobby Greenlease was the six-year-old son of a wealthy businessman. He

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1 Highly Intelligent Killer

This famous rococo painting, also known as The Happy Accidents of the Swing, is certainly a boisterous and jovial image. It even managed to briefly appear ...

... had a predisposition toward violence that was further exacerbated by life events, which, even to this day, further begs the age-old question: Are there ...

Edmund “Ed” Kemper, also known as “the Co-Ed Butcher,” claimed the lives of ten victims, including his own mother and grandparents.

7 The Murder Of Ursula Miltenberger

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The Monster of Florence

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John Christie killed at least eight women, including his own wife, during the 1940s and 1950s. In his younger years, he was gifted in mathematics, ...

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Although the sighting of Edith Boatright was intriguing, and ultimately important from a corroborative standpoint, it came off the back of the Piedmont High ...

The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston

19th century[edit]

The hypnotism I'd been subject to makes it so that I think anything I see that's remotely significant applies to me. It's very strange and it has to be ...

2.) Bible John

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10.) The Rainbow Maniac

James Morris was known as “The Rubber Man” due to his condition, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). Born in 1859, he often used his ability to stretch his own ...

The origin of the phrase “Siamese twins” comes from conjoined twin brothers Chang and Eng Bunker—although they could have had a very different fate.

... performing conjoined twins until their deaths in 1969. Their obituary read, “They led a hummingbird's life. Color and glitter, and always on the move.

Frank “The Three-Legged Wonder” Lentini was never able to forget the twin he had shared the shared the womb with, as he was born with abnormalities serving ...

3 October 1888 Illustrated London News contemporary depiction of Jack the Ripper

10 The Mustache

The Bone Collector

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